Mlanie Biesemans – video

Enfant, si j'etais roi--Liszt

Performed at Wallace Memorial Presbyterian Church, Friday, Feb. 10, 2017. Beckie Belczyk, soprano. Joe Sharick, piano. -Video ...


This is a teaser for an upcoming album titled Bastards From Baskets. Video taken by Angelita Mireles. Edited by Zack Bateman.

Hymn - Walk with me Lord

Played by Melanie Plumley on her Sixsmith / Phoenix organ.

May 3, 2020 Fourth Sunday of Easter Home Worship Service

Please join us today in our May 3, 2020 - Fourth Sunday of Easter Home Worship Service e.

Easter Praise III - Aaron Bunnell, tenor and Dale Morehouse, piano

This is the third of six mini-concerts intended to inspire those sheltering at home during the Easter season. St. John's Methodist ...

4th Sunday of EASTER - May 3,2020 Mass

Hi everyone! (^^)/ Thanks for watching PianoCoversPPIA! In this channel, I ear copy your requested songs and arrange them into ...

Melanie Matthews Practicing Mozart

Melanie Matthews, a sophomore piano major, graciously let the cameras film her while practicing a piece she is learning for this ...

Dognin #1- Le Polochon

Publicité réalisée dans le cadre du partenariat officiel sur le film "Paradoxal" d'Antoine Lhonoré-Piquet, et présentant, outre le ...

Dance with Leanne - Blinding Lights by The Weeknd

Cheese it up with this Napoleon Dynamite inspired number...not to be taken seriously...lip-syncing strongly encouraged! I do ...

DIY Cloth Shim for die cutting to transfer die cuts to card panels

Have a look at my latest experiment with die cuts... It works all the time if you follow simple steps ——— S U P P L I E S ...

Daniel Axt's candlelight vigil

Candlelight vigil for local Fresno skateboarder killed by truck.

Yoga with Leanne - 40 minute flow

40 minute flow yoga for the whole body.

Midnight Express - Leigh Harris @ Nottingham Riverside Festival 2019

Offride footage of Leigh Harris' "Midnight Express" Sobema Matterhorn at Nottingham Riverside Festival 2019. Held on the 2nd ...

Actress Leigh Taylor-Young at Peace Awareness Labyrinth & Gardens

Actress Leigh Taylor-Young, PALG Ambassador, shares her experience.

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