Miranda Bailey – video

Grey's Anatomy Best of Dr Bailey Season 1

If you think Medical Residency Training is a joy-ride, then you have got another think coming.

Bailey Stands up For Meredith at Her Hearing - Grey's Anatomy

Dr. Miranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson) explains how Meredith's (Ellen Pompeo) license should not be called into question because ...

Bailey Has a Miscarriage - Grey's Anatomy

Ben (Jason George) is at the hospital with Jo (Camilla Luddington) when he gets an urgent call and rushes to Miranda (Chandra ...

Grey's Anatomy Season Finale 6ª - Miranda Bailey, Charles Percy and Mary on the elevator!

Show de interpretação de Chandra Wilson no último capítulo da 6ª temporada de Grey's Anatomy! Para ficar na história! Música/ ...

Bailey Breaks Down - Grey's Anatomy

After they successfully saved Helm, Richard (James Pickens Jr.) gives Bailey (Chandra Wilson) an update on all of the injured ...

2x17 Bailey gives birth...b

Bailey and Addison rattle George. But after speaking with Hanna George decides what he need to do.

1x6 Dr Bailey, Dr Shepherd;.......about Dr Grey

Dr Bailey's reaction in learning that her boss is having romantic relations with one of her interns.

2x12 Pregnant Bailey at work...b

Even thou she continues to perform surgeries and teach her Interns, Bailey is tired.

2x20 Bailey's Baby and Cristina

Bailey has charged Cristina to watch her baby.

Grey's Anatomy funny scene

NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED CLIPS BELONG TO ABC. --- Hmm is Bailey having an affair with The chief?

2x16 Bailey's back...a

Bailey is back to have her baby.

Paging Dr. Bailey

"Grey's Anatomy" star Chandra Wilson tells us about the new season of "Grey's Anatomy." Plus, find out what dream job Chandra ...

2x9 Looking for 'the nazi'

For the Thanksgiving Holiday there's a visiting attending from Mercy West; and he only wants the Dr. called 'the nazi'.

Grey's Anatomy-"I'm pregnant you blind moron."

2x08 http://open.spotify.com/user/nice3onze/playlist/3k8Eg1CvfAu11QiLabHWf2.

Grey's Anatomy 6.14 - Bailey 'likes hiiim'

These lines are just adorable :). Show : Grey's Anatomy Season : 6 Episode : 14- 'Valentine Massacre' Characters : Dr. Miranda ...

Bailey ate the cookies

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