Michelle Trachtenberg – video

Beef Bourguignon by Chef Ludo Lefebvre and Michelle Trachtenberg

Chef Ludo Lefebvre and his sous chef Michelle Trachtenberg are showing us how to make a classic beef bourguignon in this ...

Michelle Trachtenberg | Change from childhood to 2017

Best known for her role as Buffy's sister Dawn on the television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Michelle Trachtenberg was ...

Michelle Trachtenberg about her Guest Appearance on House @ Conan O'Brien 22/12/2006

Michelle talks about her crush on Hugh Laurie and her role for House Episode 2x16 - 'Safe'

A Tick Out Of You | House M.D.

House is convinced that his patient is suffering through a dangerous toxin by a hidden tick. Will he find the tick in time? Season 2 ...

Kaia Gerber and Michelle Trachtenberg talk modeling and acting

(5 Sep 2016) KAIA GERBER WON'T RULE OUT ANYTHING Kaia Gerber was bound to dip her feet into modeling from the get-go.

7 Things: Michelle Trachtenberg -- video.NEWSWEEK.com

4/16/09: As the actress returns to 'Gossip Girl', she explains why it's good to be bad, what not to do if you want to kiss her and why ...

Eurotrip - with Michelle Trachtenberg

Extrait du film Eurotrip avec Michelle Trachtenberg.


mytalkshowheroes - youtube - 0341 CONAN. 1996.

Michelle Trachtenberg - The Circuit

Michelle Trachtenberg - The Circuit.

Michelle Trachtenberg Bursts Sewage Pipe Over Joel Madden's Car | Punk'd

Michelle Trachtenberg gets out of Joel Madden's car to direct him into a car park - but she's left shocked when a sewage pipe ...

Helicopter Mum | House M.D.

A mother to a troubled teen who is immuno-compromised goes to extreme lengths to shelter her from the outside world and ...

Michelle Trachtenberg Huff Post Live Interview

Interview Michelle Trachtenberg gave for Huff Post Live in November of 2013 before the airing of Killing Kennedy on the National ...

Dawn Summers | HD 1080p | Logoless Scene | Part 1

More Buffy The Vampire Slayer coming...

Sarah Michelle Gellar Teen Choice Awards 2001

Sarah Michelle Gellar ai Teen Choice Awards 2001 insieme a Michelle Trachtenberg Thanks to Getty Images.

Michelle Trachtenberg 1996 interview.Age 10

Heres Michelle on Rosie's show promoting her movie, "Harriet The Spy". This is from my collection.

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