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Climbing in Idyllwild at Fuller Ridge off the PCT

We went for a walk on the Fuller Ridge portion of the PCT and found this beautiful rock. I had to climb it. Videography courtesy of a ...

The Christian Harvest among Muslims: 12 Years with Muslim Refugees

Dr. James Jacob Pursley, interviews his sister Melissa, and brother-in-law Terry, concerning their work among Muslim refugees, ...

Dude, Where's My Car? - Gender Challenged Male

Jesse (Ashton Kutcher) gets a special dance from Tanya (Teressa Tunney) and realises it's not a dance, it's a meeting about the ...

How to Nurture a Missional Family (Part 2) - Dr. James J. Pursley and Dr. Dow R. Pursley

In this video Dr. Jacob and Dow Pursley explain how the Pursley family has nurtured missions into their family. The three Pursley ...

Memories of the Way We Were... Happy Adoption Day, Melissa!

Forty-three years ago my wife and I adopted our first of three children. BTW adoption is fantastic! Here are some photos of the past ...

For Maggie's first overnight backpacking trip - Middle Fork Trail in Lytle Creek

The waterfalls off of the Middle Fork Trailhead near Third Stream Crossing.

VID 20180712 162406

Moms dog playing with toy and barking at it.

Prehistoric Maggie

Playing with masks at Wal-Mart.

The Wizard of Oz presented by Off Broadway Musical Theater

The Wizard of Oz presented by Off Broadway Musical Theater is the final show at The City of New Hope's outdoor theater in the ...

Memorial Day Tribute to The Family

These photos are of various members of both my family and my wife's family. They have all served with distinction and one even ...

SARA PURSLEY The Times of Revolution in Jawad Salim’s Monument to Freedom

The Iraqi artist Jawad Salim's famous Monument to Freedom, which still stands in Baghdad's Liberation Square, is usually read as ...

Ginger and Jim Pursley September 6, 2009 Virgina Beach

Created on September 10, 2009 using FlipShare. Ginger and Jim Pursley Wedding at One Fish Two Fish Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Worship at Pursley Wedding

David and Krystal Jackson, Abram Geoff, John Watson did an amazing worship session. Just the most wonderful wedding ever.

Weekend Showcase: The Sound of Music

It was the last musical written by Rogers and Hammerstein, but its movie release in 1965 set the bar for musicals since. Now ...

Spin Art at the MN State Fair

David Perlman has been providing folks at the MN State Fair Spin Art fun for over have a century.

I hope you'll dance

Channels dedication to her grandma Kay DiNunzio. Her grandma dedicated this song to Chanel when she graduated from High ...

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