Marleen Maathuis – video

American Beauty Final Scene(Acoustic Tribute) OneGuitarOrchestra & Marleen Maathuis(Monologue)

This is my acoustic version of 'Any Other Name' - by T. Newman . It's accompanied by the talented actress Marleen Maathuis.

Marleen Maathuis Demo Reel 2013 (Jack&Jill)

Marleen Maathuis Demo Reel Jack & Jill Cast Agent

Marleen Maathuis for Nivea Commercial Casting

Video of Marleen Maathuis, made for Nivea Commercial Casting. [email protected]

Marleen Maathuis actrice showreel 2014

The new showreel of upcoming Dutch talented film actress Marleen Maathuis.

Leaving Hope - Nine Inch Nails (Piano)

Leaving hope by Trent Reznor, a really basic version on the piano. Sorry for the note I missed:P haha LoL Hope you like it ...

The Piano

I made this for an assignment at St. Joost art academie. We had to work with a flashback and choose our own theme. My theme is ...

Self Portrait 1

Short video test of my own face. Put together from different pieces of my face, each from a different perspective.


All together.....

The way

Also made for an assignment at my art academy, St. Joost. I had to work with the same theme as before, the theme was that music ...

My Favorite Scar - My Enemy (official video)

The video for 'My Enemy' officially came out June 2013, but You Tube deleted it (Sept.2013) for some 'violation of rights' whatever ...

I have a dream

This is a project made by me, for my first period of the subject animation/serial pictures at art academy St. Joost. Background ...

Behind her smile...lies

Project for school containing flashback. Music: Kingdom Hearts II - Utada Hikaru - PASSION (piano cover) by kylelandry.

A taste of life | Marleen van der Loo | TEDxEde

Actress, dancer, singer and musical star Marleen van der Loo has starred in all the great Musicals, such as Evita, Mamma Mia and ...

Lotgenoten café scène

Marleen Maathuis en Fransie Groenendijk spelen Merel en Lieke. LOTGENOTEN IS A BRENNFILM PRODUCTION ALL RIGHTS ...

Lotgenoten Zolder scène

Marleen Maathuis, Fransie Groenendijk en Martijn van Hese LOTGENOTEN IS A BRENNFILM PRODUCTION ALL RIGHTS ...

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