Lydia Lael – video

Misty Mundae Uses a Merken for Lydia Lael and Bill Zebub

This is a behind-the-scenes gag for Nightmare on Elmo's Street which is currently on DVD and which is being re-edited for the ...

Lydia Lael Performs "Stranger" Burlesque at JADED Fetish Party Feb 2012

This is by far one of my favorite solo burlesque numbers and I was very happy with this performance JADED Fetish Party Feb ...

Lydia Lael performs "Slippery When Wet" at Miss Rubber World 2011

This is my performance from Miss Rubber World 2011, "Slippery When Wet", featuring the burlesque talent of myself (Lydia Lael), ...

Lydia Lael performs "Bad Things" Burlesque at the Floating Fetish Ball 2011

putting on a burlesque show on a moving party boat is no easy task, but it sure was fun!! This is an updated version of my show, ...

Dickshark trailer - censored for imbeciles

This is a censored trailer for the movie "DicksharK" directed by Bil Zebub and starring Erin Brown (a.k.a Misty Mundae), John ...


DEVIN TOWNSEND PROJECT - Juular (OFFICIAL VIDEO). Taken from the album "Deconstruction", Inside Out Music, 2011.

Minnie D'Moocha and Lydia Lael perform "The Fall of an Angel" Fetish Burlesque at CYBERTRON

A sexy, glamorous, and fetishy act that Minnie D'Moocha and I put together for the CYBERTRON: Seven Deadly Sins edition at the ...


Rather versatile portfolio.

Trust Your Photographer trailer

This is a trailer for Bill Zebub's "Trust Your Photographer" whcih stars Lydia Lael, Scarlett Storm, Terra Incognita, and others.

Vengeance Designs and Inner Sanctum, Fetish meets fashion at the NYC Rubber Ball 2013, Distract TV

Lydia Lael says wears latex bikinis' in the summer to keep you cool. Max Kuhl loves feeling beautiful girls in latex against him!

Dickshark movie trailer number 4

This is the fourth trailer for Bill Zebub's "Dickshark": which is avialable on DVD and streamed in HD on vimeo and other such ...

Actress Gets Hit By Puppet during filming of "Nightmare on Elmo's Street"

This blooper was just too funny to keep on hold, so Bill Zebub released it way ahead of the movie. Please enjoy and share.

Holocaust Cannibal features ERIN BROWN

Cast members speak about their participation in HOLOCAUST CANNIBAL, the movie in which Nazis flee persecution, oly to have ...


This is a sanitized trailer for the ultra graphic movie titled "Disgruntled Employee" which gets released on DVD in October 2012.

LYDIA LUCE - "Oh Lord!" (Live at JITV HQ in Los Angeles, CA 2016) #JAMINTHEVAN

Lydia Luce - "Oh Lord!" Live at Jam in the Van Headquarters in Los Angeles, CA. Subscribe to Jam in the Van!

Santa Claus: A Horror Story trailer 1

This is the first traile for Bill Zebub's "Santa Claus: A Horror Story" which stars Suzi Lorraine, Emily Prior, Lydia Lael, and many ...


This is the fourth trailer for Bill Zebub's "Nightmare on Elmo's Street" which features Erin Brown (a.k.a. Misty Mundae) Lydia Lael, ...

Actresses Discuss Their Rape Scenes in Movie

Angleina Leigh, Jessica Mazo, and Lydia Lael discuss their opinions about the rape scenes in the Bill Zebub movie "Do Unto ...

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