Lisa Catara – video

Lisa Catara (mocap for the Oracle) Ancient Evil

Actress/ stuntwoman Lisa Catara mocaps the Oracle in Black Ops 4- "Ancient Evil". (materials are property Activision/ Treyarch)

Lisa Catara - PENNY DREADFUL-City of Angels

Actress Lisa Catara appears in Penny Dreadful City Of Angels. May 2020 ...

Lisa Catara - Audition, CHUCK HANK

Actress Lisa Catara auditions for the film "Chuck Hank"

Lisa Catara - "ALL THE FEELS"

Actress/ Writer Lisa Catara recreates a moment from her acclaimed short play/ monologue "All The Feels" which she performed ...

Lisa Catara

Dr. Laurence Rifkin


Actress Lisa Catara appearance on Days Of Our Lives with Shawn Christian. ...

Lisa Catara appears in the DEPUTY season finale.

Actress/ stunt woman Lisa Catara appears in the season finale of Deputy on FOX (10-8 Bulletproof | Episode aired 26 March 2020 ...

Lisa Catara Stunt Reel - Stunt Players

Lisa Catara's Stunt Reel for Stunt Players

Lisa Catara "All I Ask" (Adele) 4-22-16

Actress and former Eastman School Of Music graduate, voice clip ...

Lisa Catara - Curacao Mother's Day commercial 2016

Actress Lisa Catara in the 2016 Curacao Mothers Day commercial ...

Lisa Catara- (Jennifer Lopez double/driver) FIAT500 Commercial

Lisa Catara drives the FIAT500 for Jenifer Lopez in her commercial and "Papi" music video. ...

Lisa Catara- Theatrical reel Nov '12

Actress Lisa Catara - various TV and film appearances: ...

Lisa Catara- 2014 TOYOTA Camry "La Pro" commercial

Lisa Catara driving the 2014 Toyota Camry for the "La Pro" commercial. ...

Lisa Catara - COMEDIC REEL

Actress Lisa Catara - various TV and film appearances: ...

Lisa Catara - VETERAN'S ASSOCIATION "BeThere" commercial

Actress Lisa Catara appears in this Veterans Association commercial. If you are a Veteran having thoughts of suicide, call, text ...

Lisa Catara./John Solari. #2. 11/27/13.

The Method Actor Speaks.Guest. Lisa Catara.Actress/ Stunts. #2. 11/27/13.

Lisa Catara - STATE OF AFFAIRS ("The War At Home")

Actress Lisa Catara with Alfre Woodard (President Payton) in a scene from Ep 10 of State Of Affairs ("The War at Home").

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